Tax Services

We take a proactive vs. reactive approach to tax services.

By keeping informed on new tax laws and legislation, we can identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both your current and future tax liabilities.  Throughout the year, we maintain contact with our individual and business clients to provide taxation information and offer our expertise and knowledge to expeditiously make plans or changes as needed

Tax Preparation Services – Filing and compliance of state and federal income, payroll, and sales tax returns.

The complexity of the tax code, coupled with the numerous changes that occur each year, requires diligence in keeping informed so that deduction opportunities or planning strategies are not missed. Our staff attends numerous seminars each year to keep current on tax changes and recent developments in tax court cases.

Tax Projections – Preparing estimates for the current tax year as well as assisting in the estimation of tax for unusual taxable events or for a one time taxable event such as the vesting of stock options, sale of a business or rental property, a large gain on sale of stock, etc.

Penalties can be reduced, if not eliminated, with proper projections and timely estimates. Large amounts due when the return is filed can be anticipated and arrangements can be made to have the funds available by the due date. No one likes to owe taxes but we believe that preparing tax projections during the year and at year-end can be beneficial to our clients and reduce the stress.

Tax Planning – Assisting transaction structuring to minimize tax consequences, explaining tax consequences before a transaction is completed, and providing year-end planning.

After a taxable event has occurred, it is often too late to modify the tax consequences.  Providing our clients with tax planning based on our knowledge, expertise, and experience may serve to avoid costly and detrimental decisions.

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